6 Week Workshop Series

(Fall & Spring)

Boys and girls with a parent or guardian will have a fun and creative time in this freestyle dance workshop. We will discover new music,  improve coordination, balance and strength along with learning how to take turns, share, and gain confidence. Children must have a parent or guardian with them for every class.  This is a non-performing class.


5-6 year old boys and girls (Must be 5 years old by Sept 1st)


1 hour per week (Sept-May)

Fun for both boys and girls ages 5-6 years old. Dancers will get an introduction into tap, ballet, and jazz techniques, all while using their imaginations to guide and nurture their love of dance. 

Dancers will perform a tap routine in the spring recital.​



3-4 year old boys and girls  (Must be 3 years old by Sept 1st)

Creative Movement/Ballet

45 minutes per week (Sept-May) ​

Dancers explore movement through imagery and fun dance related games. Children learn musicality, class taking skills,  while also learning basic ballet terminology.  We like to play and have fun! This is a wonderful  class to get your toddler moving!

Dancers will perform a ballet routine in the spring recital.