Move Your Feet Rehearsal Information

​Studio Rehearsal — Wednesday, May 31st

  • This rehearsal is MANDATORY for all recital dancers
  • Only MWDR dancers, teachers and specific volunteers are allowed in the building during rehearsal
  • Rehearsal times: Call time for all dancers 4:30pm; All combo kids will be released at 5:30pm; All other dancers will be released at 6:30pm
  • Wear normal dance attire and bring the shoes you need.

Recital Volunteers We need help on recital day. Sign up at the front desk. ALL volunteers will receive a FREE recital t-shirt for helping out

Dress Rehearsal – June 3, 2017 (12:00pm-4:00pm) In the Starlight Theater

  •  All Dancers need to arrive at 12pm (noon) to the theater with full hair and makeup DONE
  •  Every dancer under the age of 14 must have an accompanied adult at the dress rehearsal
  •  Rehearsal will begin at 12pm, please arrive ON TIME we will not wait for dancers who are late
  •  Parents are allowed to take photos and videos at the dress rehearsal  Students are allowed to watch the dress rehearsal
  •  We will be doing a block and run of the show in order and practicing the finale at intermission.
  •  Finale Costume is Recital T-Shirt with black shorts or Capri pants and sneakers or jazz shoes
  •  Dancers will be dismissed at the discretion of the artistic director after their number has performed
  •  Some classes will be asked to stay and have extra rehearsal time at the end of the dress rehearsal, these classes will be notified after their first run

Recital: June 4, 2017 Showtime: 2:00pm

  •  Backstage volunteers: Call time 12:00pm
  •  All level dancers: Call time 12:30pm
  •  Group Warm-Up: 12:45pm
  •  Baby Ballet & Combo: Call time 1:30pm
  •  Seating will begin at 1:30pm for the show ​​

Recital Day Procedures and Rules

  •  Dancers need to be signed in backstage when they arrive, you will NOT be allowed to enter through the front of the theater with a costume on!
  •  Parents & Guardians will not be allowed in the backstage area before, during or after the show.
  •  All dancers must remain backstage during the entire performance.
  •  Dancers should arrive with FULL Hair & Makeup on and dressed in first costume.
  •  DO NOT BRING ANYTHING EXTRA that you do not need!!! NO FOOD OR DRINKS Only Water will be allowed
  •  We will have activities to keep the kids occupied and will have snacks and drinks for them backstage.
  •  We recommend giving your dancer a laundry basket with their name on it to toss all used costumes into if they have more than 3 numbers. This way you do not lose any costume pieces.
  •  Please write students name in all Shoes, Costumes, Accessories, and Recital T-Shirts
  •  MWDR and the Starlite Theater are NOT responsible for anything lost or stolen.
  •  NO Pictures of Videos of the performance will be allowed. DVD’s are available for $25 pre-sale
  •  After the finale all dancers will be sent back to their dressing room to collect their belongings and released class by class in the theater. Parents should wait in the audience until their students class is called. 
Annual Recital

A huge part of training is learning through performance. Our annual recital helps to build self confidence, develops students retention skills, and teaches them to work with their classmates on a group performance to learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result.

MWDR offers our students a professionally directed and choreographed performance. This allows students to show their families and friends the hard work, dedication, and progress they have made throughout the season. Each dancer will perform a piece for each style of dance they are registered for.