Dance Makers Inc. Results

 Boy I Love - High First Place & Judges Pick
Slay - First Place & High Score Teen Hip Hop duo/trio
Miss Kiss - First Place
With Love - Second Place
Feeling Good - High First Place & 3rd Overall Teen Solo
Storm - First Place
Up In Flames - First Place
Look to the Rainbow - First Place
Heart of Courage - Second Place
True Colors - Second Place
Dance to the Music - Second Place  & Judges Pick

Scholarship Winners

Jody Green, Talya Tinoco, & Skyler Whitworth


Kansas City at Tremaine Dance Convention Results

First Place: Feeling Good—Talya Tinoco

First Place: Boy I Love—Cali Essick & Talya Tinoco

First Place: Look to the Rainbow—Lillian Olson

First Place: Lit—Jordan Landry* (Hip Hop Scholarship Winner)

Second Place: Dance to the Music—Lily Gones, Jody Green, Lillian Olson

Second Place: With Love—Cali Essick, Kaylie Husser, Talya Tinoco, Skyler Whitworth

Second Place: Slay—Kaylie Husser, Talya Tinoco, Skyler Whitworth Third Place: Heart of Courage—Cali Essick

Third Place: True Colors—Kaylie Husser, Skyler Whitworth

The MWDR pre-professional program is about more than dance. It’s about motivating young minds to be the best that they can be. This special program is designed for dancers who strive to accomplish an advanced level of training and have outside experiences to enhance and perfect their craft.

It’s not just a dance education; it’s a total education. Our pre-professional dancers learn life skills through performances, attending unique workshops and conventions, working as a team and so much more. 

Performances include charity benefits, community events, competitions, and the MWDR annual Nutcracker & Recital. Pre-professional dancers are encouraged to achieve and set goals. They are participants in a wonderful team of friends all of whom are striving towards a common goal.

​If you would like to be considered for the Pre-Professional Program and learn more information about what it is about,

please attend the meeting on April 29th at 4pm

Company Auditions will be held on: Thursday June 1  

Beginner Intermediate 4:30-5:30pm  

Advanced 5:30-7:30pm

​Cost $20

Sign up to audition.  Must be a registered student.