You create beauty with your attitude, your behaviors, and your actions. It’s all up to you.


​Etiquette for Dancers

¨ No gum, food or drink will be allowed in the dance room.
¨ Dance shoes should be carried in a dance bag. 
¨ Do not wear any dance shoes outside, this includes hip hop shoes
¨ Dancers should show up clean and neat, wearing the appropriate dress code for each class
¨ Hair must be secured off dancers face before class begins.  
¨ All phones should be turned to off or mute while in class
¨ All belongings should be stored away on the benches.
¨ Wear deodorant daily and maintain proper hygiene.
¨ Remove all jewelry & accessories before class.
¨ Dancers should always conduct themselves in a professional manner.
¨ Always be respectful and have quiet voices in the lobby.
¨ All dancers should go to the bathroom before class begins.
¨ Dancers are expected to speak respectfully to all teachers, parents and other dancers during studio events
¨ Dancers should strive for excellent attendance and are encouraged to do makeup classes when you miss.
¨ Dancers should practice at home and be prepared for class even if they were absent the week prior.
¨ Proceed with a positive can do attitude and politely ask dance related questions when they need help in class.
¨ Never gossip, put down other students, instead encourage your fellow classmates to strive to be their best.
¨ Wait inside for your ride, give all notices to parents, and respect your art, instructors, fellow dancers and parents
¨ ​Most importantly smile, learn as much as you can, and have fun in each class.

Parent/Guardian Etiquette

¨ Have your dancer dressed in the proper dress code for their class. Dancers not in dress code will sit and watch.
¨ Arrive on time, please drop dancers off no earlier that 15 minutes before their scheduled class time.
¨ Parents/Guardians are NOT allowed into the dance studio during regular scheduled classes.
¨ Please be encouraging to your dancer and support them in the challenges that dance provides. 
¨ Do not judge other dancers at the studio or as if your child is better than anyone else.  
¨ Too much drama will result in the dismissal from our program.
¨ Please respect the decisions of the artistic director and faculty of MWDR.  
¨ If there is an issue or concern we encourage you to set up a meeting promptly.
¨ Parent/Guardians should make sure their dancers are at all rehearsals, performances and classes.  
¨ You are helping to build a foundation for self esteem and confidence.  
¨ Each rehearsal and class is pertinent to the success of your dancer.
¨ Tuition/Costume Fees/Recital Fees are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.  
¨ Accounts must stay in good standing for your dancer continue in our program (please review tuition policy)
¨ Always stay positive and encourage your dancer to try their best and to have fun while learning how to dance!​​